Friday, March 6, 2009

OSX Terminal colors

The OSX Terminal application can support font/highlighting colors when connecting to a remote system that supports this. However depending on your choice of Terminal's background color some of the colors can be difficult to read.

For example, I tend to prefer Terminal's "Pro" color scheme, where the background is black. But when I log into a linux box, some of the text colors are difficult to read against the black background.

I looked for a way to adjust the font colors used, but found a much simpler way to adjust this. Turns out there is an option in Terminal's Preferences titled "Use bright colors for bold text". This option can be found under Terminal -> Preferences -> Settings -> Text.

Enabling this option has yielded the text much easier to read.

1 comment:

Xjs said...

Verrry helpful... perhaps one doesn't want *everything* bold, because bold is yet another way to markup things? I'd like to change the dark blue color, but NOT make everything bold.