Friday, July 23, 2010

VirtualBox WinXP iTunes High CPU Utilization

I recently deployed an instance of VirtualBox 3.2 on my home server (Ubuntu 8.04) with WinXP as a guest. My intent was to run an instance of iTunes within that VirtualBox instance to serve the mp3's residing on my fileserver (with the added benefit of Home Sharing & iTunesRemote/AirportExpress).

Everything is running great, however I noticed that even when idle VirtualBox was using close to 100% CPU even when the XP guest was idle but running iTunes. Strange enough VirtualBox's high cpu utilization would drop to reasonable levels (< 10%) when I quit iTunes but continued to run the XP guest.

To solve, I first updated the XP guest to not use ACPI as described here in the last post by kyboren . After making the modifications I shut down the XP guest and restarted VirtualBox. After the XP guest finished loading, the VirtualBox CPU load was reduced by roughly half, though it was still consuming nearly 50% CPU while the XP guest sat idle but running iTunes. Better, but still not ideal.

Next, I disabled Virtual Memory within the XP guest, and restarted only the XP guest. This time, VirtualBox is only using 15% of CPU while the XP guest sits idle but running iTunes. Much better; to me, 15% CPU utilization is an acceptable amount, and is far lower than the 95+% experienced earlier.

I suspect that it was the XP guest restart (and not changing of the virtual memory) that brought VirtualBox's CPU use down to 15%. Upon starting VirtualBox fresh I see that it again hits 50% CPU utilization with the XP guest idle but running iTunes. However restarting the XP guest (via Start --> Turn Off Computer --> Restart) seems to knock the VirtualBox CPU utilization down to an acceptable 15% with the XP guest idle but running iTunes.

So for now my 'fix' is to start VirtualBox, let my XP guest fully boot, then restart my XP guest. Kludgy, but it meets my needs.

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